About Us

Caring Qualified Educators

Our Instructors and Advisors are industry professionals grounded in healthcare with detailed professional backgrounds and instructional abilities that bring the subjects to real life. From the classroom to counseling and seminars, our goals include assisting in assuring your professional success.

Custom Curriculum

Because we deliver, its vitally important to the success of the business and our students future to have all our Instructors participate in the planning, review, implementation and revision of our curriculum. We do not purchase pre-developed curriculum, as a team we work together considering all Instructional staff, Intern and extern providers and industry recommended topics/subjects to deliver the best academic outcome.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Providing education and direction at NO TUITION COST to allow the future of this country and our leaders of tomorrow access to the best possible opportunities in effort to build self esteem, our communities and our world. 

Assisting with professional employment placement as well as being the vendor to inexpensive industry textbooks, supplies and materials are inclusive in our mission to assist building self esteem and education. 

Classes, Seminars, Professional Programs & more

Allied Health Medical Assistant

Our program is offered through specialized training with licensed physicians, mid-level providers and licensed Nurses and certified Instructors. If you have worked in the healthcare profession as a Phlebotomist, Nurse Aide, Medication Aide or Patient Care Technician you may qualify to register for our program. This program will prepare you to work with other healthcare professionals in an entry level to advanced medical office setting. Students are required to attend work-study not less than twice a week. The program teacher student ratio is 4:1. All student candidate applications are thoroughly verified as acceptance to this program is detailed and may have a waiting list. Acceptance is not guaranteed as qualifications are mandated and dependent on physician needs within the medical office. Successful completions will allow the student to apply for registry and or certification as a Registered or Certified Medical Assistant.  


** Georgia, Florida and Oklahoma authorizations are on hold at this time.

Acting, Role Playing and Voice Over Training

Actors and Actresses, union or non union selected to partake in any of our affiliate company's films are welcome and may be required to attend table reads and or film set practice in effort to assure the best product at post productions and distribution. There will not ever be a time where cast attendees are required to remit payment for table reads or practice for films in pre productions.


Private Home School Instruction

Many parents are electing to enroll their children in home school versus public school if private school is not an option. Dependent on the students age, academic standing/grade level we offer personalized home schooling to meet the specific desires of the student and his or her family. We design and build our own curriculum and require some independent study and or online/webinars in effort that each student outside of classes are accountable for continue good study habits. Our classes are free, however students are required to purchase their materials and textbooks. The Instructor student ratio is 5:1. 


Employment Placement Assistance

Allied Health/Medical Assistant Employment

With the option of having the healthcare choices you desire based on your medical condition and or family needs, medical facilities  are seeking to hire qualified Medical Assistants more now than ever! Our employment assistance service offers resume and business letter development, interviewing skills and employment placement. We work with physicians in different specialties of medicine whom request sound, qualified Medical Assistants on a as needed, temporary to permanent basis. Applicants interested in our assistance, must have the following:

  • Professional Resume
  • Proof of your successful completion in Medical Assisting
  • Three business references
  • Three personal references
  • Valid Drivers license or government issued photo identification
  • Valid BLS/ACLS Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation card
  • Dependable transportation
  • Open scheduling options


Textbooks, Supplies/Materials, Certification Prep

We understand the cost of career school, college and university textbooks and materials are very expensive but necessary. Whether you need online textbooks or a physical textbook we can assist you with obtaining your required books and materials for much less than it would cost by purchasing them from the vendor or school. Some private programs require that you not bring outside materials and have stipulations on leased or purchased materials, therefore you should make sure you know what your schools policies are on purchasing materials. We do not offer a refund on purchased or leased textbooks or materials.

Reality of Life Seminars

Communication is key to everything. At times one may face a personal crisis and others may be stumped as to what to do or who to talk to in a company setting. Sometimes just being able to talk to someone whose willing to listen is all you need to take the next step.  Our motivational speakers have an exceptional way of not only listening, providing feedback and unbiased options to support the topics. The seminars are fun, caring, informative, life changing and designed to mold you into the person you desire to become. At times, we desire unrealistic and or unsupported endeavors that will likely, further discourage where or who we want to be. For this reason, after our seminars we offer resources complete with referrals to physicians, attorneys, business professionals, music/acting industry advice and liaisons to assist you with moving forward. Fees may apply to register. 


Forms, I am interested in...

Persons interested in becoming a student in our school, medical employment placement and or the purchase of materials or text books should FIRST send us an email with your interest, to include the following information (below). Once an Advisor has contacted you upon receipt of your email, you will be offered a scheduled time to complete a virtual tour of our school and programs. The Advisor will provide you a secure link for which you will use to upload and required documents before your appointment. 

  • I am interested in medical employment placement.
  • I am interested in referrals to professional programs.
  • I am interested in private training with a licensed Provider and Instructor.
  • I would like to purchase materials for school.
  • I would like to upload documents. 

Files coming soon.


Contact Us

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Thank you for your interest in our school and professional services. We are a private facility and operate only by appointment online or in one of our many offices. Please send us an email and we will contact you within 48 hours. Thank you.

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Operating hours by appointment only. Contact us online 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Advisors are available online and will contact you within 24 hours.